Burning Man 2017

I’m so excited to announce that I was awarded a ticket and stipendfrom Glasstire to make art at Burning Man 2017!

I will be using 9’x18’ canvas to create a performative ‘skated’ painting and a variety of watercolors on the rollerskates to skate through and with in this work. The lines I leave and carve through the paint and onto the canvas will be visual stories of moments through time and physical actions taken. They will tell their own stories of balance and failure, success and risk.

The skating of these lines is meditative as many of the curves represent perfection, harmony, and balance. Those same curves however, are also a reminder that we leave tracings through the world as we live, defined by how we live. The expected impact of this work will be to focus the viewer on the effects of actions rather than the actions themselves. This is a visual piece and I hope that it can serve as a linear reflecting pool for each viewer.

UPDATE FROM BURNING MAN 2017: Three canvases were created across multiple days under the theme of Radical Ritual in the beautiful pop-up arts city that is Burning Man! Unforgettable!IMG_2843IMG_2877