It is April 23rd, 2020. I’m on day 43 of my stay-at-home. This is a time like none other for my generation in particular. While many of my engagements are being re-shaped by this pandemic and the measures the world are attempting so as to control it, I am finding it inevitably difficult to not feel distracted. 

This page is a documentation of some of the events of that distraction. 

Special Viewing Release of SoundSkate


Protective Structure

Civic Access Paper Activities

Natural Defenses Sculptures
Materials: Rose, Grass, Thread


In Case of Emergency

Wedding Masks


Videographic Stress Project:

Coffee Breathe
Directed Staring 1
Directed Staring 2
Directed Staring 3
Directed Staring 4

All Circular Parts
Line Work

How to Ice Skate Without Ice or Skates 

Telephonic Art Confessional

A Maintenance Record 


Burning Gas

Sheltering from the Occult Virus / Relic of Survival

Distributed Movement