Please take a moment to fund my most ambitious audio-visual project to date that is about 10 years in the dreaming and 3 years in the making but will become a reality this fall with your help!

UPDATE: We have officially raised (thanks to generous supporters of my work like you!) the target goal for the project! Hatchfund additionally has offered to keep the page open for another couple weeks to raise funds toward the stretch goal! As we get into the final weeks of editing, any stretch funds raised will go towards costs to capture additional video and prepare the work for the debut in December.

I’m SO THANKFUL to the support in making this dream project a reality. We have taken the sound samples, worked on the choreography, learned to play the blades as the instruments they can be, and completed our first visual material session.

While we work on all the components and how they fit together, here is a teaser audio with some early b-roll:

Early Teaser Reel for SoundSkate from Jennifer Wester on Vimeo.

ADDITIONALLY, we have a world premier of this project booked for Holland in December!

Thank you again for your support and stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted!