Installation Additions: Drugstore Cowboy

Paintings have additionally been installed in Drugstore Cowboy today!
(Deep Ellum district of Dallas, TX)


Pieces displayed:

  • Jump
  • Ice Destructed 1
  • Ice Destructed 2
  • Tracings
  • Colored Spin
  • Defrost
  • Obscured tracings 1
  • Obscured tracings 2
  • Obscured tracings 3
  • Exaggerated Cuts

All of these painted works are examples of my return to the obsession that started my focus on line: the ice tracing. All marks are etched and cut into the work surface and medium selections with steel figure skating blades. Expanded explanations for each piece are on display along side the work.

Please enjoy the preview photos below of various pieces installed!

P.S. never as great as seeing them in person.  😉
Also, they have an amazing Whiskey & Cheese plate so really, do go check it out!



#artforsale #expression #obsession @drugstore_de


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