I’m excited to have the launch the first public acknowledgement of the Dallas Arts & Innovation Studio ( DAIS ) project!

While still months away from becoming a physical reality, DAIS is a visionary new platform coming to Dallas for artists to bring work to fruition in a culturally and communally meaningful manner.

It aims to be an industrial and tech art space for collaboration between working formats and artistic disciplines including: sculpture, pottery, photography, fashion & clothing, painting, drawing, textile and fiber artists, and social impact makers.

DAIaS is to be a space, a movement, and a magnet for art discipline convergence and generation; a cutting edge collaborative for creatives to work on new and persistent ideas while facilitating access of artists to agents through the use of large scale installation and professional photography spaces. It will immerse working artists in a space that continues the open conversations typical of the best art school environments while supporting the artists’ individual working goals and a annual collective project.

DAIaS will also uniquely welcome the social sphere into the arts disciplines through community outreach and on-site vlog booth access.

*a ‘dais’ is a platform for multiple people to speak/be recognized

Check back in the next few months for updates on our progress!
The site has been found and we are proceeding with final stages of building design before our construction phase can begin!