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“I’m most intrigued by the destructive force of production; the motivation for, sensations of, and residue of actions on a surface and a body. As a [ice] skater, I create sensations that run through my body and are then perceived and interpreted by a viewer. My motivation is a persistent desire to feel; to experience. What I experience however is only audible to my inner spirit in any given moment as my actions impose sensations on my audience and produce my history, a residue. My residue — scars upon a frozen tundra that tell my flaws and moments of perfection to those adept at reading them. This is the art of skating to me. My current work focuses on the residue: the tracings on a brutalized sheet of ice; an encrypted, instructive, and temporal drawing of time spent telling and moving through a creative story of physical sensations and mortal errors.” ~J.Wester ’15

The sculptures pictured are selected pieces displaying my interpretation of the x, y, theta dimensions of certain ‘skated paths’ and 2-D shapes. They are translations from a scientific mapping process into a physical structure. From a specific angle and at a great enough distance, the three dimensional structure visually collapses into the 2D line shape from which it spawned.

image  image

See The Cuts for pictures of sculptures not presented in final layout.

Close Ups & Additional Angles and accompanying soundtrack:

IMG_0240 copy Loop Upper Angle - top lit IMG_0264 copy1 IMG_0264 copy2 IMG_0244 copy IMG_0265copy