On Critique

It has recently come to my attention that many artists are scared of critical conversations about their work. I have thoughts on how I believe critique should be framed so as not to incite feelings of fear and disappointment. First off: Critique is a time for appreciating others’ investment of […]


The Art Confessional prototyped in Venice, Italy will start it’s new series of pop-up appearances this Fall! Stay tuned to catch this interactive, performance piece in front of Art near you! Learn more about the ART CONFESSIONAL project

ArtCon 13 – recap

ArtCon13 was a tremendous success! The organization had a fantastic event full of music, art, and life. To my work, the event was also a wonderful experience as I was surprised to have the by-product board of my 18″x18″ auction piece re-purposed as the front of the Photo Booth! As people […]

IAA Printmaking Exhibit

Work from my recent investigations in printmaking will be shown and for sale at the IAA Printmaking Exhibit at the Jaycee Arts Center beginning July 30th, 2017.  See the brochure Exhibit dates: July 30 – August 25, 2017 Reception: Sunday, August 6 2-4 pm


A post shared by Art Conspiracy (@artconspiracy) on Jun 3, 2017 at 5:52pm PDT The Phobias show and auction presented by ArtCon was a tremendous success by many measures. I was honored to be a part of it. If you’d like more information about the pieces sold, check-out the ArtCon […]

ArtCon12 Recap

A photo posted by Jennifer Wester (@jenniferwester) on Nov 12, 2016 at 10:52pm PST ArtCon12 Success! Download the ArtCon App in your app store to learn about the pieces and artists auctioned.   #ArtCon12 during the action of the auctions #artconspiracy #Dallas #dallasart #artcon (thankful to have had a piece […]

Installation Additions: Drugstore Cowboy

Paintings have additionally been installed in Drugstore Cowboy today! (Deep Ellum district of Dallas, TX) #ArtForSale Pieces displayed: Jump Ice Destructed 1 Ice Destructed 2 Tracings Colored Spin Defrost Obscured tracings 1 Obscured tracings 2 Obscured tracings 3 Exaggerated Cuts All of these painted works are examples of my return […]

Skyline (2016) - Wester

Installation: Drugstore Cowboy

A number of pieces have been installed at Drugstore Cowboy Coffee Bar in Deep Ellum which sits at the corner of Main and Crowdus (Dallas, Texas). Call location for art purchase details. Please enjoy the limited videos and images below but most importantly, take the time to go see these […]


I’m turning focus to linear objects and the projects of those figures onto a 2dimensional space, then re-realized in a 3D. There are many complications with adapting my algorithmic process and treatment of line segment for free standing renderings. I look forward to displaying this work once ready!  

Show: Mar.4 – Apr.2

Umbrella Gallery on Taylor Street in Dallas, Texas Show runs: March 4 – April 2, 2016 Reception: March 12, 2016 from 6p-9p with Artist talk Mater’ium  is an extension of a sculptural body of work I starting in 2012 while studying the human cognitive experience of curved lines at Yale University […]

Sr. Project – Yale University

A Well Formed Path “I’m most intrigued by the destructive force of production; the motivation for, sensations of, and residue of actions on a surface and a body. As a [ice] skater, I create sensations that run through my body and are then perceived and interpreted by a viewer. My motivation is a […]