These prints are pulled from synthetic ice. Each one is unique as the inks and paper merge and absorb on the synthetic ice and into the paper at different rates and under different manual pressures on each piece. Not all pieces are shown below.

My practice of skating for over two decades etched the surfaces upon which I grew up. I grew to understand my motions, emotions, and worldly perceptions on this surface and through these motions. Those surfaces, while temporal, resonate in my memory to this day. In an effort therefore to capture the temporal, I have begun printmaking from the icy and simulated ice surfaces in my life.

These prints are made after brutalizing a surface through the destructive process that allows one to skate. I skate over an extremely hard plastic that resolves the skating blades force recording much the same kinds of cuts into its surface as an organic ice. Following this, I lay ink or watercolor concentrates onto the frozen canvas and press paper to the face of the surface to create one of kind memoirs of movement.

In an Eight | 2017 | Indian ink on paper | 11″x15″


Indemnity | 2017 | Indian ink on paper | 11″x15″


Fossil | 2017 | Gesso on Canvas | 24″x36″


Traces | 2017 | Watercolor and Gesso on Canvas | 20″x24″


Traveling Spin | 2017 | Watercolor on paper



Untitled | 2017 | Watercolor on paper | 11″x15″