Graphic Design

This breadth of work includes identity development, branding, logos, marketing materials of all sorts, web design, signage, retail space design, apparel design, and non-traditional marketing formats. The following is a portfolio of various Graphic Design work from student and professional projects.


As of 2019 my graphic design practice focuses on the ARTB project and is no longer available for outside contracting unless through ARTB licensing.


Prentex Quality Control Manual

Memorial Service Program

ACMS Newsletter

Whypsy Jaghon — logo, business cards, thanks you cards, and banner

EKPNA Newsletter

ACMS Marketing Signage for Convention displays

ARTb Series Logo ReDesign, all additional ephemera

ACMS Newsletter Layout

EKPNA Save the Date Doorhangers

Skating Academy at Farmers Branch Skating for Boys Class flyer

Pressure industries (Pi) logo and marketing materials

ArborCreek Montessori Academy Signage & Wall Mural

Artistic Refinement Therapy Book Series Layouts, Marketing Materials & Logo

Questions of Justice Film Logo
Questions of Justice Film Logo

Questions of Justice Film Release Posters

ArborCreek Montessori School Graduation Program
ArborCreek Graduation Video

East Kessler Park Neighborhood Association Door Hangers
East Kessler Park Neighborhood Association Yard Signs

ArborCreek Montessori Academy Forms
ArborCreek Montessori Activity Books
ArborCreek Montessori Academy Activity Books promotional video


ArborCreek Montessori School
ArborCreek Montessori Academy
2016-Brochure-trifold-archiveImage 2016-Brochure-trifold-inside-archiveImageStationary-archiveImageThankyouNotes-archiveImageThankyouNotes-backside-archiveImage
Scope included: Brochures, Business Cards, Thank You Cards, Official Stationary, Activity Booklet

East Kessler Park Neighborhood Association
2016MembershipTrifoldBrochure-archiveImage 2016MembershipTrifoldBrochure-inside-archiveImage 2016MembershipUpdateInfo-Doorhanger-archiveImage 2016MembershipUpdateInfo-Postcards-archiveImage HolidayParty-yardsign-archiveImage2016FallThingBanner-archiveImage 2016SponsorBanner-archiveImage
Scope included: EKPNA 2016 Brochure, Banners, Signs, Door-hangers, Postcards

Prentex Alloy Fabricators, Inc.
2016-PAV-Brochure-inside-archiveImage 2016-PAV-Brochure-outside-archiveImage

Scope includes: PAV 2016 Brochure, Business Cards, Technical Forms, Official Stationary, Web Design for


(2010) Petrenko Skating School:

preview-25Petrenko Jacket with blinged Logo39992_121592684556318_6480102_n 45980_121592941222959_2285004_n
Scope included: Logo, Business Card, Apparel and Brand Identity:


(2010) Grace On Ice Logo: (images coming)

preview-22preview-23 preview-24
Scope included: Business Cards, Stickers, Website, Business Materials, and Manuals


(2015) Sarah Mason Photography:

Logo: Sarah Mason PhotographySarah Mason Photography Logo
Scope included: Logo and Watermark


Tribute to Life logo: (images coming)

preview-21 preview-14  preview-5preview-13 preview-12
546619_444378205601974_1744112422_n 294537_241813765858420_4050075_n
Scope included: Logo, Banners (progression of years displayed) and Promotional Posters


New Haven Kids On Ice Logo: (more images to come)

Scope Included: Forms, Logo, and Apparel Design


(2011) Frozen Marathon On Ice logo: (images coming)

Scope included: Logo, Forms, Marketing materials, and Apparel Design


(2010-2016) Newington Arena Learn to Skate Program Ephemera:

390511_313675295338933_1788121948_n NABrochure_innner

Newington Arena Learn to Skate Program Standing Sign Multi-Lingual Welcome Signage NTLTS-BasicSkillsGraduate Small themed Program for Ice Show Small Program for Holiday Ice Show

Scope included: Schedules, Forms, Contracts, Apparel, Promotion and Announcement Materials, and Signage


Newington Arena Special Event Promotions and Birthday Party Programing Ephemera:

Business Cards:
preview-6 preview-10
Pricing & Information Documents:
preview-9 preview-16

383665_279839885389141_15758990_n 35927_410141642358964_294156422_n Newington Arena Spook Out Skate Party

Fliers, Ads, Coupons:
307159_262012603838536_162173431_n 293436_264221046951025_1760847945_n

Non-traditional Signage:
294638_10150321819963786_1598088170_n 385059_490527634320364_856044007_n 388031_10150435044063786_1126402404_n

Web banners (downscaled for this gallery): (add’l images coming)

Before / After of Birthday Party Brochure: (add’l images coming)



Newington Arena Media Packet: (additional images to come)
preview-7 preview-8



International Skating Center of Connecticut Ice Show themed Logo: (images coming)
ISCC Ice Show themed logo apparel application: (images coming)


Large format signage for:

(add’l images coming: Hartford Magnet Schools; McDonalds, etc.)

The Body Lab Logo:

Body Lab logo
Promotional Materials:
preview-18 preview-19
Retail space design: (images coming)
Retail space graphics install:

Installation of Logo in Retail Space



Personal Identity Branding Project (Yale): (images coming)



Gun Safety Awareness Campaign Project (Yale): (images coming)



Ice Rink Marketing/Brand Awareness Project (Yale): (images coming)



Style & Confidence Logo/Marketing/Materials: (add’l images coming)
S&CBanner preview-27 preview-28 preview-29 preview-26


HotStock t-shirt designs:



Assorted Invitation and Card designs for clients:

(add’l images coming)
Expectancy Announcement  preview-2 preview-20 preview


Commemorative Posters for Memorial Service:

(images coming)


Websites: (add’l images coming)

Webdesign-WesterBarantsevSite2 Webdesign-WesterBarantsevSiteWebdesign-WesterBarantsevSite Webdesign-WesterBarantsevSite2

Add’l Apparel Designs for FSkating Apparel:

1934883_118738943785_851313_n 1917336_123458348785_2890500_n