It is Aug. 10, 2020. I’m on day 152 of my stay-at-home ( with an occasional exit for foraging on a different property or picking up free hand-sanitizer in a touch-less giveaway ). In 3 days my children will return to a very small, out of the house, school setting. I am hopeful that we will find a slightly larger healthy ‘bubble’ there, but otherwise figure that this level of physical isolation is my new normal for the foreseeable future.

It goes without much explanation that this is a time like none other.

While many of my scheduled engagements continue to be re-shaped by this pandemic and measures to control it, business as an artist is obviously changing. It is inevitably difficult to not feel importantly distracted in feeling the impact of this time and observing the world right now. 

This page is a record of some of the events of my distraction. 

An offering:
Special Viewing Release of SoundSkate


‘Protective Structure’

Paper Form Activities

Natural Defenses Sculptures’
Materials: Rose, Grass, Thread


‘In Case of Emergency’
(a textile project)

*wedding mask*


Videographic Stress Project:

Coffee Breathe
Directed Staring 1
Directed Staring 2
Directed Staring 3
Directed Staring 4

All Circular Parts
Line Work

Telephonic Art Confessional

A Maintenance Record 

Mother Host:
A Year of Foraging: April 2020 – April 2021 (in progress)

Burning Gas

‘Sheltering from the Occult’

Distributed Movement