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This project is currently in process. Follow @JenniferWester on Instagram to see the latest footage available of the working status!

This work seeks to expose in an impactful manner the auditory architecture of the skating experience on ice through musical composition of the scale of the skated sounds as identified and organized by me and my musical collaborator, Marco Garavaglia. The visual experience will be no less transportation in the final product as I work with videographer, Can Turkyilmaz, to capture a companion visual that breaks the traditional barriers to recognizing skates as instrument.

Decades of skating are coming together to create this experience!
Not to mention artists from 3 countries, U.S., Italy, and Turkey.

The DEBUT of the project is scheduled for
DECEMBER 2017 in HOLLAND at Experimental on Ice Arts Festival!

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Learn more about my collaborators:

Marco Garavaglia is a professional composer, choreographer, dancer, and figure skater from Milan, Italy. He holds a degree in audio engineering from Middlesex University London and has managed, performed, and composed for the performance group, Percussioni Industriali, since 2009, where he gained many high-profile experiences with major brands and festivals across Europe. He was featured on Italy’s primetime television series, Notti Sul Ghiaccio, in 2015 for his figure skating abilities and more recently has been touring and composing for the internationally renowned ice show company, Holiday On Ice.

Can Turkyilmaz
(bio coming soon!)

Late Autumn Teaser:

Last teaser before the first showing of SoundSkate from Jennifer Wester on Vimeo.

Early Autumn Teaser reel:

Soundskate Artist Progress Teaser Video from Jennifer Wester on Vimeo.